Mahsan, Your Support in the smart world

Provider of products and solutions for modern communication world

In the digital communication world and among a huge of information, data security and assurance play a crucial role in modern communication systems. Rapid changes, emerging new technologies, and new business processes caused companies company to the digital communication world.

Mahsan company intends to become the most reliable Iranian company in the modern communication engineering field. Providing software and hardware solutions containing creative initiatives and ideas will make the company the first choice of digital business owners.

Mahsan's goal is to be the first choice of specialists and graduates in the field of software, communications, and security, so, by creating a dynamic place it tries to grow talents and provide new solutions.

Get to know with Mahsan Products


Device Management with the Organization

Comprehensive control of the organization's devices, which divides each device into two parts: personal and work.


Network monitoring of equipment and software services

monitoring and recording of the network status of computer equipment and software services and reporting of failures and performance problems


Manage and monitor remote access

controlled communication to the organization's assets using a web browser


Data loss prevention

Monitoring, detecting, managing, and securing information in various parts of the network such as a computer, laptop, or any device with a common operating system


Sacure Gateway

Simple, flexible and powerful network management solution for integrated and complete organization


Data Diode

Data Diode is designed to provide deterministic data transfer in only one direction (unidirectional), to segment and protect networks, devices, and other digital assets.

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